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a little more on what to expect at Rachel Good Photography


Faq: FAQ

Commonly asked Questions:

Why book RGP?
Rachel Good Photography uses only professional high end equipment - camera body and lenses, lighting, etc. RGP is fully insured. We are committed to capturing the moment in time for you. We will discuss location ideas, themes or colors with every session. RGP has over 300 backdrops to choose from. We also have a wide range of headbands and props to use. 

*There is a $50 fee to any session NOT ALLOWING social media usage such a sneak peeks to be shown on Facebook.  Clients are encourage to tag and share their images to keep their gallery in the editing lineup. 


When paying your final balance there is a 5% CC fee if using paypal or credit cards.

Did you know? Every hour of shooting is 3-4 hours of editing attached to it... not to mention all the time for preparation before, during and after the shoot... please understand and respect your photographer ... Rachel works her tushie off.

Are retainers refundable?
RGP understands that children get sick or just woke up on the wrong side of the bed... you should contact Rachel ASAP via phone or email. Please don't wait til last minute to notify us. We will setup another date and/or time to have the session. Due to an increase on clients, you MAY not be able to reschedule for right away, please understand this. All retainers will be applied to the package you select, and the balance will be due at the time of your photo session. Retainers are nonrefundable there are NO exceptions to this policy, these deposits are transferable. If you need to change your appointment date, please give at least 48 hours notice or you will have to pay a deposit again for your rescheduled session. If you book a session, and reschedule 2x without 48 hours notice, you will not be allowed to book another session. RGP allows you to reschedule your session up to 60 days for after the original booking scheduled date, after this time, your sessions retainers will be 100% forfeited. If you have paid for your session in full prior to your session { common with packages and mini sessions }, and need to reschedule, please notify Rachel Good Photography within 72 hours of your photo session; however the deposit will be forfeited days. No refunds will be issued for post photo session, no exceptions!! 

COVID-19 changes.

Remember when coming to the studio, immediate family members only { household members only }. If you aren't in the session please don't bring all the siblings to the shoot, this helps limit the surfaces being touched in the studio.

What if the photographer is ill?
Since Rachel is the only photographer, there are times where rescheduling may be needed on her end. She is a mother of two boys, who may end up staying home from school because they are ill. Rachel suffers migraines { though treated } these could unexpectedly come up and she will have to move your session - any session moved by Rachel will be rescheduled for the most convenient date for you and her. RGP will try to get you in asap.  Please make sure Rachel has your phone number in the event of a reschedule needed - an email and text will be sent. 

Do you offer reshoots/ or refunds? 
No. If you aren't happy with something in your gallery, ple
ase let Rachel know; however, refunds are NOT given. Let me explain why, Rachel takes time out of her day for you, time away from her family, household duties, etc. The work doesn't stop after your session- editing takes place. 3-4 hours of editing for every 1 hour session, the time can increase depending on the amount of retouching. You wouldn't want to work for free, correct? Neither would Rachel. Please understand if a reshoot is needed, there will be another deposit needed to rebook the shoot online as well as a fee for time shooting and editing again { may not be a full session amount in cost, these are generally discounted }. There is absolutely NO REFUNDS on MINI SESSIONS! FYLC packages are nonrefundable, nontransferable - cannot be applied to other month milestones. 

SEASONAL MINIS Cancellation policy:

Retainer fee is non-refundable. Requests to reschedule must be made at least one (1) week prior to the session. A $50 rescheduling fee will be assessed for all mini session reschedules.

Session applicable for reschedule must reschedule within 60 days of original session or the retainer fee will be forfeited.

Cancellations within 24 hours of the session, or no shows, with the exception of a medical emergency, will forfeit their retainer. 

Can I use my retainer from seasonal mini { example a missed summer session due to illness or vacation etc, and apply this retainer to another seasonal mini?} say fall for example.??

NO, seasonal minis MUST be bought on the website and new retainer applies. 

Payment Plans:
PLEASE make sure invoices are paid in a timely manner. FYLC packages are nonrefundable, nontransferable - cannot be applied to other month milestones.  When on Payment Plans with our packages, you must keep up with the terms we agreed upon. When the session's retainer is met, then the remainder isn't due until the session date; but if you haven't met the retainer { whether it's 100, 150, 250 or 350 } you MUST have this paid up to keep your session with RGP. Remember, pricing changes, you may NOT be locked into that session package and pricing unless you are paid up to this amount. After two reminders, RGP will cancel your session and all monies paid will be kept per the contract/invoice terms.


If we have an instudio session- weather isn't an issue. If RGP feels that it will be life threatening to venture out, we will reschedule. Sometimes power outages happen to, please keep in mind, RGP uses studio lights in the studio | no power, no session. If your session is outdoors, we will discuss prior to the session on the possibility of rescheduling if there is a 30% -40% chance of rain. If the weather is over 80 degrees  with a high heat or humidity level, rescheduling will occur.  Per your contact, RGP can make the call on whether or not a session will take place that day. Please review the terms again for further information. PLEASE make sure you check your emails prior to the session incase RGP changes the date or time due to weather. Confirmation from you will be needed in order for the session to take place.
What if I'm late?


Your session time starts at the scheduled time. Ex. session is for one hour, scheduled for 1pm. Your timeslot is 1-2pm. If you show up at 1:08, your shoot is still only till 2pm. 
There is nothing Rachel hates more than tardiness! PLEASE be on time for your session! Please make sure you are at the session by your scheduled time. Sometimes there are other sessions scheduled right after yours, or Rachel may only have a baby sitter for a short time for her kids.  If you are more than 10 minutes late, your session will need to be rescheduled for another date. NO EXCEPTIONS! if you do not notify Rachel of your lateness, she has the right to leave for her next appt., and you need to reschedule again online and pay the deposit. retainer { which will be applied to the session balance}
How long til I can see my completed gallery?
After your session, RGP will display a few images from your session via Facebook. These may take up to one week depending on the times the session is. Your full completed password protected online gal
lery will be emailed to you 3 weeks after your session. Prints take about 7-10 days after ordering to arrive to RGP then Rachel has to verify the order and mail out to you, so please keep this turnaround in mind. Weddings take 8-10 weeks. Rush option on editing is not available for weddings. If you need an image or two sooner, notify Rachel and we can see about uploading it to your online gallery for download sooner. Sometimes fees may apply with this, depending on how much of a rush is needed. Prints can be on a two day rush for $30.00 extra { You cannot use print credit for these fees } Rush 1 week turnaround $100 additional fee Rush 2 week turnaround $50 additional fee Print order rush $30 Please remember: There is a 4 week window to place an order for prints or products, then your gallery will expire online. To repost gallery, there is a $25 charge via Paypal.
RGP will NEVER release images that aren't edited. RGP owns the rights to the photos even when you may have the print release. 
Do we get to use the props? 
YES, RGP has a wide range of props and outfits. We have over 350 backdrops. Tons of headbands! Rompers, skirts and necklaces are filling our studio shelves. We also have ties, bowties and diaper covers as well as hats for both boys and girls.
What should we bring?
RGP will provide most of the props but if there is anything you would like that means a lot to you, please feel free to bring it. During family sessions it's nice to bring something that represents your family. For children sessions, including cake smashes, PLEASE bring what you know will help make your child comfortable and smile. Rachel tries her best with her own noise makers and toys to get your child to smile during a shoot, along with having a lot of patience. You know your child best, if a certain song helps them smile or laugh, bring it. If a toy works, bring it, the skies the limit here. It is really important that your day is planned around our session. Make sure that we schedule your session so it does not interfere with naptime. A unhappy overtired baby, makes for not so nice photos. Please do not bring animals to the studio. 

Can we use other labs?

Yes, but with my professional printing lab, you are guaranteed the highest quality print possible. This means superior color quality, personalized sizing with a luster finish. These prices may seem a lot more pricey than other labs. but these prints come from a professional lab and I can assure you, you will LOVE them   {pricing subject to change without notice}

What about my print credits?

Print Credits and Canvas Credits have expiration dates! Most of these credits are good ONLY for the time your online gallery is active with your session... After the expiration you will forfeit those credits/perks. 

Do you offer touchups?

-Yes, RGP can smooth skin, edit out blemishes, fly away hairs, whiten teeth.  Rachel cannot and will not "edit you skinny"; everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. We cannot alter appearances. 

- Face swapping may be an option for some shots, but there is a fee per person per image for these - Pricing varies. 

-Editing that is more extensive will require extra funds up front before editing - Ie. Color changes on outfits, balloon, decor etc.  Pricing Varies based on the time added to the editing, etc. - Contact Rachel for a quote.

-Please note, Rachel Good Photography is unable to edit out black eyes or any scrapes or cuts on the child's nose. If they have an issue here, let Rachel know ahead of time so we can see about rescheduling.

-additional costs in editing per image for clothing wrinkles, temp tattoos, stains, so please make sure everything is photo ready

-RGP cannot edit out braces. We can send a request to the printing lab for this, but they have additional costs and we will not have those edits on the digital file for  your usb/disc; why? simply because the lab doesn't give us the edit even. PLEASE make sure your childs mouth is food free, nails are groomed, etc. Re-edits are an additional $25 per image  and a FLAT $50 fee.

Need help with location ideas?? check out some favorites here.

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