Sessions are available now to book through June, if you need help selecting any dates please let Rachel know and she can help you.

 There is a $50 upcharge for all weekend date sessions. All sale discounts apply to the session cost only - anything extra ie, sibling, family , travel costs or weekend are added after the discount.

Please refer to the FAQ  for any further questions. 

If you are booking outdoor sessions, PLEASE select a timeslot between 9-11am or a timeslot two hours before sunset for best lighting. No midday appts.

There is a $50 fee to any session NOT ALLOWING sneak peeks to be shown on Facebook. 

Each session is discounted to allow marketing purposes on Facebook.  Clients are encourage to tag and share their images. 

Sessions are by appointment only and retainers|deposits must be paid in order to book your session. Deposits are NONREFUNDABLE.

If your final payment is made in credit card or paypal, there will be a 5% fee added to your total.


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