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the Terrific Twos... Reese's Milestone.

So I always tell my clients, from the time the kiddos start walking til about 3 it's a run around trying to get photos. I have been photographing Reese since she was a newborn and she's just like my typical 2 year old { I love it! }

Reese had me moving my light half way across the room for her shoot....

rachel good photography

she refused to stand. sit. {stay} in one spot.

OH and she HATED my white wooden floor drop....

{ see no white floor here ^^ }

She was on the GO and LOVED to sit 10ft from the backdrop! Hahaha!!

I had so much fun with her photoshoot!

{ oh, did I mention those shoes?! look at how adorable!!!!! ^^ }

Don't let the photos of her posing fool you...

this was a lot of what our session was about...

oh yeah...

and a sucker drop.

Come back again anytime Reese.

xo - Rachel Good

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