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Lyla turns TWO. Berea, OH photographer

Lyla has been a client of mine since she was a newborn. I truly enjoy seeing her and all the themes for her photo sessions.

If you been to my studio, you may have already pointed out her image on my wall... she's the extremely adorable Alice ....

I gotta share one more from her cake smash last year: It's one of my favorite themes.

And fast forward to this past week, Lyla's now here for her 2 year milestone...Disney style...

and those lashes... oh my.

Big brother, Liam was so helpful during this session... I had to get a snapshot of them both.

So this is what happens when you set a fake cupcake in front of a past cake smash client....

haha yes, she really did do this herself... she was a bit disappointed when she discovered it was fabric and not icing.

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